Marcenaro Trasporti - Phone: +39 348 5786476
The crane area has to be left as soon as unloaded the trailer, it is not a parking area of the event.

Dear competitors,
Teams arriving to Genoa will be allowed to enter the pre-events area indicated in the map of the marina with a red rectangle from the next 5th April onwards.
There will be two slopes 8.5 mt wide each at disposal of competitors that wants to go out training.

Please contact in advance Marcenaro Trasporti at +39 348 5786476
From the 12th to the 14th there will be a crane offered by the OA

can be positioned in the same area as close as possible one each other. Please contact the OA at least two days before ETA. A person of the OA will be present upon arrival.
Downloading operations can be agreed on a personal deal basis with Marcenaro Trasporti.

Cars and Vans:
can be parked in the same area until the 9th April

WARNING for training teams: sailing out the marina it is not allowed in the navigation channel, we strongly suggest you get a tow.
All boats must remain on the left handside while exiting the channel not farer than 45 mt from the breakwater and must keep this route until close to the poit with the lighthouse from whrere they can sail freely to south.
This is in order to stay out from the navigation lines for safety reasons.